Practical Information

Please note that public transportation services in Okinawa are not very well developed. If you plan to explore Okinawa, please plan accordingly.

CURRENCY EXCHANGE (Japan is still a cash-oriented society, especially at and around OIST!)

  • Please bring Japanese yen cash with you to Okinawa.  Cash exchange service is NOT available at OIST campus or the Seaside House (conference venues).  Without JPY cash, you cannot purchase anything at a store, a cafe, at vending machines on OIST campus.
  • We strongly recommend you to exchange currency in your country, or at major airports in Japan (Narita/Haneda/Kansai/Nagoya). Only very limited service is available at Naha International Terminal with limited hours of operation.  
  • ATMs for foreign bank cards are available at Naha Airport and post offices/convenient stores/banks, again only with limited hours of operation. Also, please note that getting there is not very easy as public transportations are unsatisfactory in Okinawa and you may need to take a taxi at your own cost.


  • Internet: Wifi is only available in public spaces, and not available in guest rooms. Wired LAN is available in guest rooms.  You may need an adaptor to connect your laptop to LAN cable.
  • Plug type in Japan is Type A.                                                                                                                   


  • From Naha Airport, taxi fares can range from 8,000 to 12,000 JPY. From Ishikawa IC to OIST, it is about 1,600 JPY.
  • Taxi company Okito Kohtsu
    • reserve by phone in English at +81-(0)120-23-5477 (toll free) , +81-(0)120-21-5005 (toll free),  or +81-(0)98-946-5005.
    • reserve online:

【Caution】Taxi drivers usually do not speak English. In order to make sure you get to OIST readily and efficiently, print out the Campus Area Map and hand it to the taxi driver.


  • No information or service will be provided by OIST for car rental.  Please make a reservation online such as Booking.comVisitOkinawa, etc.

【Caution】Check websites below and make sure that your driver license is valid for driving in Japan. You may need international driver permits or translations.  



  • Thank you for not smoking at OIST campus or Seaside House.