Job Openings

Our group seeks to recruit motivated researches (postdocs, staff scientists, technicians, etc.) to work in the fields of experimental condensed matter and low temperature physics. Vacant positions are available starting from year 2022 to work on one of the following research topics.

1. Detection and manipulation of single electron on liquid helium in fabricated microstructures. 
Brief description: We develop ultra-sensitive image-charge detection of the Rydberg-state excitations of a few to a single electron confined in microchannel devices fabricated in our clean-room facilities. This work is motivated by its potential use for spin-state detection and spin qubits.   
2. Electric and thermoelectric transport in a many-electron system on liquid helium.
Brief description: We study transport phenomena in correlated many-electron system on liquid helium under irradation with millimeter-wave (~100 GHz) microwaves to find interesting new quantum and classical kinetic phenomena.
3. Cavity QED experiments with electron ensembles on liquid helium. 
Brief description: We develop high-Q microwave Fabry-Perot resonators and detection methods and use them to study the coupling of electron ensembles on liquid helium to light and related phenomena. 


All experiments in our group are carried out at low temperatures (down to 10 mK) using high magnetic fields (up to 9 Tesla) in a very wide range of microwave frequencies (up to 1 THz).   


For more information, please contact Prof. Denis Konstantinov (denis at