Fire evacuation drill


2024年2月29日 (木) 9:30 9:45


Fire evacuation drill will take place with the scenario below.

9:30     Finding a fire breakout in MS105. 
            Ueda – get a fire extinguisher and try to put the fire out (just pretending).
            Staff 1 – call other users for evacuation and then, call 119 (for real, already noticed to the fire
                          department.) Evacuate after calling 119.
            Users – evacuate from the closest doors to the evacuation point, station’s parking.

9:35     Ueda – failed to putting the fire out.  Evacuate.

9:37     Ueda – call Bousai center(for real) to report the fire. Check all evacuees.

9:40     Shiroma (BFM) – coming to the station as a fire department staff.

9:45     All attendees – confirm the Tsunami evacuation site by the map.


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