OIST Ukulele Society

Uke Club is focused on providing a fun, open environment to learn ukulele where the focus is more on having a good time than anything else.  We mostly play pop songs from the past few decades.  Unfortunately due to COVID restrictions we can't currently have beer at meetings, but that is very much in the cards as soon as it's allowable.
We are currently meeting every other Thursday at Seaside Lounge, the pub area on the second floor of Seaside House, at 8 PM. Contact dan.warren@oist.jp for details.
Here is the FAQ:
Q: Do I have to have a ukulele?
A: No, I'll bring some hand percussion and other portable instruments for those that don't have a uke. If you're not playing an instrument at all you are required to sing extra loud, though.
Q: What skill level is required?
A: Literally none whatsoever. Some of us have some uke skills, but many of us have uke careers spanning literally minutes of practice.
Q: Will I slowly blossom into a ukulele virtuoso, becoming Okinawa's next Jake Shimabukuro?
A: Maybe, but if so it will be despite this group rather than because of it. We're more concerned with making it all the way through Wrecking Ball at least once. Our goal is to have fun and get over the fear of looking silly in front of each other, and the less skilled we are the greater our accomplishment in being truly shameless.  Seriously, though, you will definitely build some skills as you play and the more experience players are happy to answer questions and help out.  It's just more of a learn-by-playing model than a class.
Q: Can I bring a guitar/banjo/saxophone/sanshin/sitar/bagpipes?
A: Absolutely! We're only handing out chord sheets for uke, but if you have a different instrument that you know how to play, bring it!
Q: What is the age range?
A: Uke Club is intended for adults, and our current meeting space in Seaside Lounge unfortunately doesn't allow children.