Strategy Implementation Office

Our Role


"To be a pivotal link between university strategy and day to day operations"

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Strategy Office work closely with the President and organisational leaders, operates as a pivotal link between university strategy and day to day operations to support the delivery of the university’s future goals.We will contribute to the development of the university’s administration by promoting best practice in developing, managing and implementing complex, cross-functional and strategically important projects. 


Main Duties


  • Leading development of the strategic planning and implementation framework for the organisation, adhering to the direction set by the President and organisational leaders.
  • Formalising and leading the strategic planning process aligned with the long-term strategy.
  • Establishment of programme management office to strengthen the management of cross-functional initiatives.
  • Facilitating the execution of strategy by working collaboratively with other senior leaders and ensuring that all throughout the organisation understand the strategy.
  • Ensuring that strategic actions are completed to achieve desired results.
  • Ensuring that appropriate metrics are in place to measure performance and progress towards strategic implementation.
  • Acting as the project director on transformational projects of strategic significance as identified by the President.