Request Book Donations

UMI has recently procured 50 hardback copies of a children’s book entitled (Treasures of the Deep/深海の宝物). This illustrated book follows an adventure to explore hydrothermal vents and discusses the prospect of mining them for resources. As such mining is being carried out right here in Okinawa, we would like to donate them to various schools/libraries/museums around the prefecture to raise awareness in the younger generations.

If you are associated with an institution in Okinawa where such a donation would be appropriate, you can request a free copy by sharing your details in this form.

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Name of School, library, museum etc. to which you think a copy of treasures of the deep should be donated
Email address for yourself or the recommended point of contact at the educational institution. We will contact this address to arrange a donation.
We intend to only give one copy to each institution because of the limited number but will consider donating more in special circumstances
Scientists from OIST are willing to give a public presentation on their research and how it is related to the contents of the book.
If you have any additional questions or comments about this project please submit them here.