Reef walk on Umi-No-Hi


2018年7月16日 (月) 13:00


Maeda flats


When and Where?

We encourage anyone to join meet us at Maedamisaki parking lot at 13:30. From there we will take a short walk to Maeda flats in time for low tide.

Who and Why?

Everyone is invited! This is an unofficial event open to all inside and outside of the OIST community. We are hoping that this will spark an interest in Okinawa's coastal environment in people of all ages. Children and their parents are particularly encouraged to join for some good ol' fashion fun.

What and How?

Those of us with some marine biology background will be guiding everyone around the tide pools, identifying strange looking creatures and explaining unique phenomenon that can be seen at the interface between the land and sea.

In order to enjoy the day fully, we strongly suggest you bring a number of items for your own safety:

  1. Water boots (anything with a thick sole that you don't mind getting very wet)
  2. Hat
  3. SunScreen
  4. Drinking water (lots of it)
  5. Gloves

First aid kits will be provided by the organisers but you are ultimately responsible for your own safety.

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