Past Events

[Seminar] Decoding pheromone communication in aquatic organisms by Dr. Scott Cummins

2018年10月19日 (金) 13:00

Dr. Scott Cummins, University of Sunshine Coast, Australia.

Key words: Marine Biology, Neurobiology, Chemical Ecology, Genomic, Proteomic

New Insights on Global Climate Change from Coral Reefs by Prof. R. Dunbar

2018年10月1日 (月) 11:00

New Insights on Global Climate Change from Coral Reefs

Prof. Rob Dunbar

Stanford University

The art of harnessing dark energy: Symbioses between marine invertebrates and chemosynthetic bacteria.

2017年12月1日 (金) 11:00
Seminar room C700

Prof. Dr. Nicole Dubilier, Director, Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology

Head of the Symbiosis Department from Bremen, Germany will give a talk.

Offshore Tsunamigenic Deposits: Lessons from the past and present by Dr. Goodman

2017年11月24日 (金) 14:00
Center Bldg. C209

Dr. Beverly Goodman,  Faculty member, University of Haifa, Leon Chrney School, Department of Marine Geosciences

The paradox of the third tier: From the Red Sea to the Mediterranean- Climate change and the third tier paradox by Prof. Dan Tchernov

2017年11月21日 (火) 14:00
Seminar room C700

Prof. Dr. Dan Tchernov, Director, Department of Marine Biology, Leon Charney School of Marine Sciences, University of Haifa

Field Demonstration of the Submersible Microscope

2015年7月28日 (火) 11:00
Northern bank of the OIST pond (near Jimmy's in the Village Center)