Open Positions

The Macroevolution Unit is hiring! We are currently recruiting postdocs/staff scientists, PhD students and research interns to join us at OIST in 2022-2023.

Postdoctoral Scholars, Staff Scientists and JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship

Thank you for many applications. All applications are closed.

Additional postdoc opportunities with later start dates may be funded through JSPS and other agencies. Funding mechanisms are available both Japanese and International PhDs. Please contact us to discuss possible projects for submission.

Postdoc or Staff Scientist in Ichthyology → Closed

Postdoc or Staff Scientist in Paleontology (Fishes or Early Vertebrates) → Closed

Postdoc or Staff Scientist in Fish Biomechanics → Closed

Postdoc or Staff Scientist in Systematics and Phylogenetic Comparative Methods → Closed

*If selected for further consideration we will contact you within 3 weeks.


PhD Students

We are actively recruiting graduate students through OIST PhD program. This program guarantees funding support, including salary, access to up to date research facilities, housing, travel, and subsidized childcare, for all students for 5 years. Please see the admissions website for more details. 

Please contact us about specific interests, projects, or questions regarding the Unit before applying. We are also available to host rotation students after admission. 

Undergraduate/Recent Graduate Researchers

We are recruiting undergraduate/post-graduate researchers through the OIST Research Intern ProgramThis program supports research opportunities for pre-graduate students in OIST Units for 2-6 months, including housing and transportation, and can lead to PhD program admission. Please see the Research Internship Program website for more details.

Please contact us about specific projects and opportunities in the Unit.