FAQs about the IPSF


How long is the tenure of the fellowship?

The Fellowship is a fixed-term contract. The initial contract is 2 years. The contract can extended with approval.

Is it possible to apply for this fellowship with a mentor having the position of Adjunct Professor at the institute?

Generally, it is important to note that the Fellow should be working with two OIST PIs from different units. Yes, it is possible with adjunct faculty, especially if the other mentor is full-time faculty at OIST.

Are there specific limits (or maybe a possible range) for the research budget?

Discretionary research budget of up to 300,000 yen per year can be granted to and spent by the fellow. Use of the budget requires approval by their supervisor and compliance with the budget rules at the institution.

Are there any limitations for people that have already been part of OIST?

There are no limitation for anyone to apply. All applications are invited and welcome. The selection committee will consider and select candidates from the final pool of applicants.

How I can get "Letters of support from two OIST Principal Investigators with clearly outlined and measurable research and mentorship responsibilities towards the Fellow"?

You need to approach the PI’s directly and engage in a dialogue about the research you envision to do with them. Once, you have found support, issuing the letters will be the natural next step for them so that you to complete your formal application.
To find which research units might be suitable check here: https://www.oist.jp/research/research-units, it is possible to filter by keywords.

If you have trouble contacting PIs (sometimes mails end up in Junk folders) please let us know and we will try to help make a connection.

I could not find any research units relating to my field. Can I still apply for the fellowship?

It is necessary to contact OIST PI’s as the initial step before applying. The field of research needs to be related to research units at OIST, as the Fellow will need to collaborate with two OIST units in an interdisciplinary way.

How to submit letters of recommendation?

The (confidential) letters of recommendation should be requested through the Interfolio system. It will send a request to the concerned person via email and they can upload their letter directly.