Bio Sample Preparation Tool

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Instrumental Analysis Section (ias** by @)

Benchwork Automation System

  • Maker: Yaskawa Electric 
  • Model: Maholo
  • Features: Sample preparation for mass spectrometry, immuno-precipitation followed by in-solution digestion

Laboratory Automation System

  • Maker: Beckman Coulter
  • Model: Biomek FXP
  • Features: NGS sample library preparation, high throughput assay screening

Automated Peptide Synthesizer

  • Maker: Intavis
  • Model: ResPep SL
  • Features: Peptide synthesis from 2 to 30 aa, AQUA peptides, modified peptides, combinatorial peptide ligand library synthesis

Typhoon FLA9500

  • Maker: GE Healthcare
  • Model: Typhoon FLA9500
  • Features: Fluorescence detection, sensitive multiplex detection of Western blots 2-D DIGE