Communication Skill "Unconscious Bias"


2022年11月2日 (水) 9:15 16:45


Seminar Room C210, Center Bldg.



・"Unconscious bias" (its definition and mechanism= Why do you hold it?)
・YOUR unconsciousness

How does the bias affect your behavior? How can you handle them properly?
"Interpretation" is different by individuals, even if we look at precisely the same thing
・How can you effectively utilize the "differences" brought by others?

Date & Time: November 2 (Wed)  ※Registration required
for Management in Japanese (9:15-12:00)
for General staff members
in Japanese (14:00-16:45) Full
Venue: Seminar Room C210, Center Bldg
Facilitator: Ms. Ayumi URA

※ We will continue following COVID-19 guidelines, such as adequate space, ventilation, and disinfection. We ask for your cooperation in wearing masks as usual.

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