Workshop: "Accomplishing More with Less for Managers"


2018年3月12日 (月) 9:15 16:30


Seaside House Chura Room (3rd floor)


The Accomplishing More With Less for Managers workshop is designed to help participants develop and practice the skills that are crucial for managing people successfully in today’s information overload and diverse work environment. This workshop is ideal for managers and supervisors who are overseeing the work of others and who want to enable their teams to achieve great results.


This workshop is intended for Managers and Supervisors.

Key topics covered

  • Management resilience, which focuses on managing people, priorities, projects, decisions, and results
  • Emotional resilience, which includes becoming aware of one’s own emotions, and how to effectively manage underlying thoughts and related actions
  • Strategic resilience, which includes the art and science of strategic thinking and how to apply it in daily management activities
  • Mental resilience, which covers the importance of focus and techniques to help you stay focused and better manage interruptions
  • Implementation resilience, which helps you develop an action plan and implement it

Key objectives/takeaways

  • Manage performance, create accountability, and keep everyone focused on the desired results
  • Develop people and coach them to help them achieve their best
  • Adapt one’s management style based on the situation and the people
  • Build best practices to enhance team communication and productivity
  • Manage strategically and help your team succeed in spite of the overload


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