Survey for 2018 New Students

This survey asks about welfare. 

Welfare questions

Answers to these questions will help us prepare for your wellbeing before you arrive, including assisting with apartment preparation, medical planning, and other welfare details.

Please spell the names exactly as in your passport.
Please select one of the dates below for your arrival, in accordance with your desired starting term.
Starting Term Arrival period
Early Enrollment (May) April 26th, April 27th, May 1st, or May 2nd
Standard Enrollment (September) August 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th, 31st
Late Enrollment (January) January 4th or 7th 

The Graduate School will confirm the arrival date and arrange flights accordingly, provided that all the documents for relocation are completed in time.  
If you are considering a gap program for a language training or lab experience before enrolling into the PhD program, please select your desired arrival date and contact us at after completing this survey. 



Students in the OIST program are expected to live on campus for at least the first year of their degree.  Subsidised accommodation is provided in a range of one, two and three bedroom apartments, located on the main campus. Rent information is available here.

Furnished apartments have a liveable set of equipment including basic furniture, 3 burner gas cooktop with grill, fridge/freezer, cooking equipment, and airconditioning.  A complete list of equipment is available here. Note: the curtains provided do offer visual protection, but are not dark enough for many people. 

Unfurnished apartments also come with a gas cooktop and grill, and air conditioner, but little else (they are intended for people who already have furniture in Okinawa).

A coin-operated laundromat, lockable storage areas, and a much larger kitchen (for group cooking or special occasions) are available downstairs in the common area.  A gymnasium, activities room, an outdoor BBQ, and a delicatessen/convenience store are also located in the Village Center.

Note: utilities charges (gas, electricity, internet) are levied in addition to the above rates, as they are provided by external companies. Security deposit is also charged, spread out over the first five months.


Note: if you want to import an animal into Japan, strict regulations apply. Contact us well in advance for information. Please also check for animal quarantine:

Pets are allowed in OIST accommodation, within reason. No horses or wolfpacks, for example.


Health Issues

OIST supports students with disabilities and other medical conditions that require special treatment.  Advance information allows us to plan for this support before you arrive.

For example: peanuts, wheat, animal hair, penicillin, etc. If you bring any medications, please contact to our Health Center:
Note: We strongly recommend that you contact us for information about any medications you may be required to import (e.g. barbiturates for epilepsy, or insulin and syringes in the airplane). Japan has very restrictive laws on drug and medicine importation. Most medicines can be sourced locally but under different names, and we can assist in ensuring that the correct medications are available for you. If this may be an issue, please contact us immediately. If you bring any medications, please contact to our Health Center:

Drivers License

Driving in Okinawa is safe and greatly enhances a person's experience while on the island.  However, getting a drivers license form scratch in Japan is difficult, time consuming, and expensive.  OIST recommends that students have a drivers license from their home country (complete with International Drivers Permit) before they arrive in Okinawa.  If you have held that license for three months or more while you are in the country of issue, then it is often a simple matter to have it transferred to a Japanese license.  This may require just a written test, or even no test for a small number of countries.  

Welcome Ceremony

OIST holds a small ceremony at the beginning of Enrollment Week to Welcome our new students to the OIST community.  Family and friends are welcome to attend this ceremony, if they are in Okinawa.  

(Assistance with inbound visas is available, but OIST regrets that we are unable to provide flights or accommodation for family members staying as guests in Okinawa.)