Wellbeing Teatime

On November 24th 2016, OIST PhD students, Sebastien LaPointe and Tsung-Han Hsieh organised a Wellbeing Teatime, as a professional development project, giving members of the OIST community a chance to reflect upon wellbeing and think about ways to support wellbeing.

Representatives from OIST clubs came along to demonstrate ways we can support wellbeing by connecting with others, being active or learning. Student Peer Supporters were present to let people know more about their role in supporting students.

Space was set aside for people to share wellbeing tips and appreciations for members of the OIST community, and these are summarised below:

Suggestions to reduce stress and/or anxiety:

  • connecting with and noticing meaning: write, stare beyond the glasses! and write songs
  • connecting with others: talk about it, humor / humour
  • look after physical needs: sleep, do exercise, jump, have vitamin SEA :-)
  • do something enjoyable: shopping, eat something delicious, watch fun movies, PJs
  • emotional release / mood changing substances: cry, alcohol, smoke

What we appreciate about people in this community:

We had many appreciations of kindness, caring, friendliness, smiles and how accommodating people are.

Lots of appreciations, too, for the multi-talented, diverse and international make-up of the community.

And several appreciations for interesting folk who are inspirational, share great discussions, colourful and young at heart, vivacious, want to learn , open and encompassing and make this world more scientifically advanced.

Special mention for someone's awesome boss, parties and Ganjuu, as well as a general 'Yay!' to everyone!

Thanks to Sebastien and Tsung-han for organising this opportunity for the community!