Do you want to be an excellent public speaker?

The University of Washington, in association with Coursera are offering a series of four courses aiming to provide you with the instruction, experience, and practice to develop and deliver compelling presentations.

The first course, Fundamentals of Public Speaking starts on November 28th. You can enroll now on The course can be taken for free if you tick the 'audit' box.

Given the timing of this course, Ganjuu will not be able to offer a group to support learning, but we can do this for the other courses, if there is sufficient demand.

The other courses and commencement dates are:

Course 2: Speaking to inform: discussing complex ideas with clear explanations and dynamic slides  January 24th

Course 3: Speaking to persuade: motivating audiences with solid arguments and moving language March 28th

Course 4: Speaking to entertain: telling compelling stories in a vibrant voice  May 23rd

If you would like Ganjuu to run a group to support learning and application for any of the above courses, then please register an interest here.

If we have sufficient interest we will run groups to support learning. 

Kind wishes,

The Ganjuu Wellbeing service