Paying Attention to what makes a difference: An introduction to the skills of emotional intelligence for scientists

Introductory workshop on the skills of emotional intelligence for Scientists

In many education systems, intelligence is prized. When IQ tests were developed they quantified the relationship between certain thinking skills and academic and occupational outcomes. But intelligence in isolation is not as predictive as another set of skills which have been termed ‘emotional intelligence’ which has been estimated to be twice as influential. Intelligence measures the performance of an individual, in isolation. Science is done in a social context – this workshop will help you consider the skills needed to maintain effective relationships, to work in teams, to collaborate, to manage frustration and conflict, to lead and motivate others, and to contribute to our own happiness and the happiness of others.

This workshop will introduce you to the skills involved in emotional intelligence, give space to reflect upon and experience the difference these can make, and suggest some ways for you to practice and enhance these skills so that they can contribute more to achieving what is important to you.

This workshop is offered in partnership with the Post Doctoral Careers Advising service and open to OIST Post-Doctoral scholars and Scientists. Register via this link: