Women in Leadership - Inspiring Positive Change. 5-week online course with weekly group at OIST.

Women in Leadership - Inspiring Positive Change FREE online course supported by discussion group at OIST

Do you ever find yourself signing up to things with great intentions, and then finding it hard to sustain your motivation or commitment....?

We are offering a discussion / application group to help you to keep motivated and put your learning into practice for Case Western University's 5-week online course, Women in Leadership - Inspiring Positive Change which is available on Coursera from September 8th.  It is open to everyone in the OIST community - admin, reasearchers, students and family members. Women and men are equally welcome. Anyone is free to sign up to these courses and there is no required cost. You must sign up yourself to be able to access course material and video lectures. The materials are good quality and the content is evidence-based. Time commitment is estimated as 3-4 hours per week. Get more information and enrol for the online course on the link below:


Support your learning...

Women in Leadership study group Thursdays 3-4pm. Dates September 17th, 24th, October 1st, 8th and 15th. If you would like to take advantage of a relaxed setting to develop ideas and have interesting conversations with other like-minded individuals, then please let us know by signing up. Spaces are limited. If you are not able to attend every session, please feel welcome to join for as many as you can. Sign up here.