2019年1月8日 (火) 9:30

The recent developments in quantum science and technology now allow us to control systems at the quantum level, and we have began to see the quantum world in ways we have never imagine before.  In this workshop, co-organized by KAKENHI program "Science of Hybrid Quantum Systems" in Scientific Research on Innovative Areas (新学術領域, Shin-Gakujutsu-Ryouiki), international experts on various hybrid quantum systems will gather to discuss the recent developments as well as future perspectives. 

This workshop is OPEN FOR ALL OISTERS


2018年11月24日 (土) 14:002018年11月27日 (火) 15:00

Joint High Energy Theory workshop between Kyoto University, National Taiwan University and OIST. Additional external speakers are Song He, Eugene Skvortsov, Julian Sonner and Kazuya Yonekura.
Program & Schedule in attached PDF.


2019年1月21日 (月) 9:002019年1月25日 (金) 17:00

The Tokuyasu cryo-sectioning method is a well-established technique in Cell Biology for the localisation of macromoleculs by immuno-gold labelling. We will teach the essentials like chemical fixation and its impact on the cellular ultrastructure, how to judge the quality of antibodies and to do immunolabelling.


2019年2月18日 (月) 9:002019年2月22日 (金) 18:00

Open lecture and Hands-on training related to cryo-electron microscopy


2018年11月13日 (火) (All day)2018年11月15日 (木) (All day)

Reservation: Required via email to <yukiko.cooper[at]>.

Language: English. No translation into Japanese.


2019年1月28日 (月) 9:002019年1月30日 (水) 12:00

Lectures and microscope demonstration: Super resolution microscopy (SIM, STORM/PALM, STED, etc.)     Aberration correction, Labeling condition, Sampling rate, Denoising, etc.)   Applications in research.  etc.   Registration reqired for demonstration.  Language: English


2018年10月19日 (金) 0:00

We're inviting several guests from Japan and overseas.

This event is registration-free, so please come and join us if you're interested!


2018年10月17日 (水) 15:002018年10月19日 (金) 12:00

OIST researchers are welcome to attend the talk and poster sessions of the OIST x CiNet workshop, from October 17th to 19th. Please register for poster presentation and attendance by September 24th.     


2018年6月14日 (木) 15:30 17:30

Mini Workshop on Robot Learning as a Validation Tool for Neuroscience & Artificial Intelligence 15:30-17:30, Thursday, June 14 @Conference Center Meeting Room1


2018年6月11日 (月) 16:002018年6月14日 (木) 12:00

Olfaction:the stimulus space,neural representation and behavioural relevance