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IEEE-NANOMED is one of the premier annual events organized by the IEEE Nanotechnology Council(NTC) to bring together physicians, scientists, and engineers alike from all over the world and every sector of academy and industry, working at advancement of basic and clinical research in medical and biological sciences using nano/molecular medicine and engineering methods.

IEEE-NANOMED is the conference where practitioners will see nano/molecular medicine and engineering at work in both their own and related fields, from essential and advanced scientific and engineering research and theory to translational and clinical research.

Plenary & Keynote Speakers

  • Teruo Fujii (The University of Tokyo)
  • DavidA.Weitz (Harvard University)
  • Abraham Lee (University of California, Irvine)
  • Alessandro Grattoni (Houston Methodist Reserach Institue)
  • Tohid Didar (McMaster University)
  • Aram Chung (Tohoku University)
  • Hiroaki Murakami (Korea University)
  • Leslie Yeo (RMIT University)
  • Kremena Makasheva (University of Toulouse)

Invited Sessions

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Steering Commitee

  • Jin-Woo Kim (University of Arkansas, USA)
  • Wen J. Li (City University of HongKong, China)
  • Pak Kin Wong (Pennsylvania State University, USA)
  • Da-Jeng Yao (National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan)
  • John Yeow (University of Waterloo)

Conference Commitee

  • Kin Fong Lei (Chang Cung University, Taiwan)
  • Amy Shen (Okinawa Institute of science and technology, Japan)

Conference Scope

  • Nano and molecular technologies in medical theranostics
  • Nanotechnology in drug delivery
  • Biomedical imaging
  • Bio/Nano sensing
  • Biochips and Bio-MEMS
  • Biomechatronics
  • Biological interface Cells at the nanoscale
  • Frontiers in nanobiotechnology
  • Translational medicine
  • Biomicrofluidics and Bioprinting


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