2023年12月4日 (月) 13:30 15:00

Presidential Lecture by Professor Hiroaki Suga on the topic "Pseudo-natural peptides, products and neobiologics for therapeutic applications".



2023年10月16日 (月) 16:00 17:30

Presidential lecture on Coordination Self-Assembly by Prof. Makoto Fujita


2023年7月3日 (月) 15:00 16:30

Presidential Lecture on the topic "Random to Ordered: From Candies to Monster Crystals from Space" by Prof. Paul Chaikin


2023年6月29日 (木) 15:00 16:30

Presidential lecture on the topic "Patterns in Nature" by Prof. Sidney Nagel


2022年7月1日 (金) 10:30 12:00

As part of OIST’s Presidential Lecture series, Dr. Wieland Huttner will deliver a lecture on “A gene that made our brain big". All are invited.

Dr. Wieland Huttner is the Founding Director Emeritus and Research Group Leader at the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics in Dresden, Germany.


2020年3月4日 (水) 14:00 15:30

Dr. Moritz Helmstaedter, Director at the Max Planck Institute for Brain Research. Language: English, no interpretation. Open to the entire OIST community.


2019年11月22日 (金) 10:30 12:00

Dr. Thomas Kornberg, Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics, University of California, San Francisco. Language: English, no interpretation. Open to the OIST community. 


2019年11月1日 (金) 13:30

Tadashi Tokieda, Professor, Stanford University (Mathematics)


2019年10月18日 (金) 11:00 12:30

Samaya Nissanke is an astrophysicist and the spokesperson of GRAPPA, the center of excellence in gravitation and astroparticle physics, at the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


2019年11月1日 (金) 10:50 12:10

Lily Peng, MD, PhD.

Dale webster, PhD, Google AI Healthcare

In 2017, she was listed as one of WIRED Next’s “20 People Who Are Creating the Future”