2022 ADR


October 03-07 2022

Registration Deadline: 25th September, 2022



Neurons are a diverse class of cells, characterized by specialized polarized morphologies, which are essential for their functions. Neurons are also the largest known cells, with processes ranging from millimeters to centimeters, and axons that can reach meters in mammals. This combination of specialized morphology with extreme length imposes a need for signaling within and between neuronal compartments and the deployment of sophisticated mechanisms to allow transmission of data to its final destination. Thus, both correct long-range signaling from the periphery and maintenance of the axonal network are paramount to neuronal function and survival. Indeed, many neurodegenerative diseases display a “dying back” phenomenon, whereby more distant axonal segments are the first to be affected in the development of the disease.

This workshop aims to explore the mechanisms leading to neuronal dysfunction and degeneration, and address how neurons can react to injury by promoting a regenerative program, by reuniting leading researchers in the field of axonal degeneration/regeneration to paint an updated picture of the field and explore new discoveries and methodologies with the goal of deepening our understanding of these subjects.


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Hitomi Tsuiji    Aichi Gakuin University, Japan

Eran Perlson University of Tel Aviv, Israel

Lukas Neukomm    University of Lausanne, Switzerland

Jeffrey Twiss       University of South Carolina, USA

Monica Sousa    University of Porto, Portugal

Pietro Fratta          University College London, UK

Simone Di Giovanni   Imperial College London, UK

Nobutaka Hirokawa  Tokyo University, Japan

Toshiyuki Araki        National Institute of Neuroscience, Japan

Hideyuki Okano  Keio University, Japan

Yukiko Goda OIST, Japan

Yishi Jin University of San Diego, USA

Kumiko Hayashi Tohoku University, Japan

Manuela Basso    Center for integrative Biology, Italy

Braulio Martinez De La Cruz University College London, UK

Marco Terenzio OIST, Japan

Dan Ohtan Wang  Riken BDR, Japan

James Sleigh University College London, UK



If you have any questions regarding ADR 2022, please contact Marco Terenzio (marco.terenzio@oist.jp)