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    Tuesday, October 2, 2012

  14:00   Registration
  18:00  Welcome Reception

  20:00   Scheduled Activities End

    Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Session Chair: Prof. Yabing Qi (Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University)
    9:00   Dr. Jonathan Dorfan, Opening Remarks
    9:20   Prof. Antoine Kahn
Ultra Low Doping in Organic Semiconductors: Impact of Trap Filling on Conductivity and Electron Mobility
  10:05   Prof. Chihaya Adachi

Organic Light-Emitting Diodes using Upconversion Mechanism

  10:40   Coffee Break
  11:10   Prof. Junichi Takeya
High-mobility and High-speed Charge Transport in Organic Semiconductor Crystals
  11:55   Prof. Yabing Qi’s Research Unit Presentation (Dr. Michael V. Lee)
Energy Materials and Surface Sciences Research at OIST: Investigating Organic Electronics with Surface Science Approaches
  12:25   Travel to OIST
  12:40   Lunch
  13:40   Tour of OIST & Group Picture
  14:40   Return to Seaside House
Session Chair: Prof. Junichi Takeya (Osaka University)
  14:55   Prof. David Cahen
The Power of Molecules: Molecule-Controlled Electronics
  15:40   Prof. Christine Luscombe
                          Using Living Polymerizations of Thiophenes to Control Active Layer Morphology
  16:25   Coffee Break
  16:45   Asst. Prof. Itaru Osaka
Donor–Acceptor Semiconducting Polymers Incorporating Azole-Based Fused Rings
  17:15   Panel Discussion: Organic Device Physics (Moderator - Prof. Nobuo Ueno)
Panelists: Prof. Thomas Anthopoulos, Prof. David Cahen, Prof. Antoine Kahn, Prof. Hideyuki Murata, Prof. Junichi Takeya
  18:30   Dinner
  20:00   Poster Session  (Click here to see the poster size.)
EL-1   Mr. Hans Kleeman
Molecular Doping – an Indispensable Method to Understand and Control the Properties of Organic Electronic Devices
EL-2   Dr. Hyun-Joon Shin
Scanning photoelectron microscopy (SPEM) as a probe of local chemical states of organic materials
EL-3   Dr. Eigo Miyazaki
Synthesis of Benzo[b]thiophene-fused Porphyrazines and Application to Organic Field-Effect Transistor
EL-4   Mr. Masahiro Nakano
Bis(2-thienyl)dibenzo[a,e]pentalene-based semiconducting  polymers: Electronic structure and OFET properties
EL-5   Mr. Masahiko Saito
Drastic Change of Molecular Orientation in a Thiazolothiazole Copolymer by Molecular-weight Control and Blending with PC61BM Lead to High Efficiencies in Solar Cells
EL-6   Assoc. Prof. Yun Li
Patterned Organic Crystals from Spin-coating for Transistor Arrays
EL-7   Dr. Hiroyuki Tamura
Theoretical analysis of polaronic charge transport of organic semiconductors based on semi-classical quantum dynamics
EL-8   Ms. Dongyuan Zhai
Hierarchical Microstructured Polymer Hydrogel for Supercapacitor and Glucose Sensor
OP-1   Mr. Gábor Méhes
E-type Delayed Fluorescence in a Spiro-acridane with High Electroluminescence Efficiency
OP-2   Dr. Alexander Ayzner
Controlling Molecular Orientation in Conjugated Polymers and Small Molecules: Effect on Charge Transport and Electron Transfer at the Donor/Acceptor Interface
OP-3   Dr. Xinwen Zhang
β-Phase Emission and Spectral Stability of Poly(9,9-Diocctylfluorene) Based Polymer Light-Emitting Diodes
OP-4   Ms. Diana Nanova
Morphology and interdiffusion in organic donor-acceptor blends studied by analytical TEM
OP-5   Dr. Michael Kroger
Imaging the Electric Potential within an Organic Solar Cell
OP-6   Dr. Juyeon Park
Image Potential State Mediated Excitation of Rubrene on Graphite
OP-7   Ms. Hui Shang
Investigation on Gain Properties of Organic Single Crystals towards Electrically Driven Lasers
OP-8   Dr. Jianpu Wang
Control of Exciton Spin Statistics through Spin Polarization in Organic Optoelectronic Devices
  21:30   Scheduled Activities End

    Thursday, October 4, 2012

Session Chair: Prof. Takashi Kato (University of Tokyo)
    9:00   Prof. Kazuo Takimiya
Recent Progress in the Synthesis of Large Thienoacenes-based Organic Semiconductors
    9:45   Prof. Yutaka Ie
Carbonyl-Bridged Thiazole-Based Conjugation Systems: Air-Stable n-Type Organic Field-Effect Transistors
  10:30   Coffee Break
  10:55   Prof. Thomas Anthopoulos
Novel Materials and Fabrication Methods for Organic Electronics 
  11:40   Prof. Antonio Facchetti
Organic Semiconductors for New Opto-Electronic Devices
  12:25   Lunch
Session Chair: Prof. Kazuo Takimiya (Hiroshima University)
  13:25   Prof. Seth Marder
Organic Semiconductor Chemistry
  14:10   Prof. Takashi Kato
Nanostructured Ordered Molecular Assemblies Exhibiting Ionic, Photonic, and Electronic Functions
  14:55   Travel to OIST for Tea Time and Individual Lab Tours

  17:15   Return to Seaside House

  17:30   Panel Discussion: Rational Design and Assembling of High Performance Materials

Section 1: Designing Functional Molecules (Moderator - Prof. Kazuo Takimiya)
Section 2: Assembling Molecules for Functional Materials (Moderator - Prof. Takashi Kato)
Panelists: Prof. Antonio Facchetti, Prof. Christine Luscombe, Prof. Takashi Kato, Prof. Seth Marder, Prof. KazuoTakimiya
  18:30   Dinner
  20:00   Poster Session  (Click here to see the poster size.)
EL-9   Mr. Rui Aino
Simple Fabrication of Step-Edge Vertical Channel Organic Field Effect Transistors by Nanoimprint Lithography
EL-10 Mr. Kazunori Kuribara
Stability of Organic Transistors with high-mobility Dinaphtho-[2,3-b:2,3-f]-thieno-[3,2-b]-thiophene (DNTT)
EL-11 Mr. Junshi Soeda
Crystal Growth of Thermally Converted Pentacene and DNTT onto the Surface of Ionic Liquid and Field-Effect Transistors
EL-12 Mr. Hiroki Mori
Relationship Between Molecular Orientation and Photovoltaic Properties of Molecular Donors/C60 Solar Cells
EL-13 Ms. Myong Jin Kang
Effects of the Substituents and Substitution Positions on the Packing Structure and FET Properties
EL-14 Dr. Min-Cherl Jung
Fabrication and characterization of ultra-thin TIPS-Pentacene film
EL-15 Dr. Cathal Cassidy
Nanoparticle Fabrication for Enhancement of Organic Electronic Device Performance & Functionality
OP-9   Mr. Jinyi Lin
Color-tunable Emission Polymer Semiconductor Film via Constructing Hydrogen-bonded Gel Structure and Nanoparticles
OP-10 Dr. Lei Zhang
Single Gold Nanoparticles as Real-Time Optical Probes for the Detection of NADH-Dependent Intracellular Metabolic Enzymatic Pathways
OP-11 Mr. Janusz Schinke
Polymeric Dipole Layers vs. Self-Assembled Monolayers – an Ideal Interfacial Layer for Organic Electronic Devices
OP-12 Ms. Julia Maibach
SXPS Study of the Electronic Structure of Solution Processed Bulk Heterojunction Donor/Acceptor Model Systems
OP-13 Ms. Xiaoxi He
Studying Polymer/Fullerene Intermixing and Miscibility in Laterally Patterned Films with X-Ray Spectromicroscopy
OP-14 Dr. Young Mi Lee
Electron Injection Enhancement in OLEDs with Interfacial Chemical Reactions between 8-hydroxyquinolatolithium and Aluminum
OP-15 Ms. Alison Cross and Mr. Jiu Xu
The influence of thermal treatment on thin films PEDOT:PSS and P3HT
  21:30   Scheduled Activities End

    Friday, October 5, 2012

Session Chair: Prof. Antonio Facchetti (Northwestern University and Polyera Corporation)
    9:00   Prof. Nobuo Ueno
Nature of Organic Semiconductor: Origin of Gap States in Pentacene
    9:45   Prof. Chih-I Wu
From Surface Science to Device Engineering in Organic Optoelectronics
  10:30   Coffee Break
  10:55   Prof. Hideyuki Murata
Enhanced Power Conversion Efficiency by Tuning the Vertical Concentration Gradient in P3HT:PCBM Bilayer Solar Cells
  11:40   Prof. Norbert Koch
Charge Transfer Interactions of Conjugated Organic Molecules
  12:25   Excursion to Churaumi Aquarium (lunch included)
  18:30   Arrive back at Seaside House and prepare for Banquet
  19:00   Closing Ceremony and Banquet
  21:00   Scheduled Activities End