General Guide

In recent years, more researchers are talking about Animal Welfare at conferences or symposiums held in Japan. It has been 10 years since the “Act on Welfare and Management of Animals” has been revised and covered the basic principles of 3Rs. Currently the concept of Animal Welfare has been taking root in our society. However, at actual sites, such as research institutes, the clear effort has not yet been addressed.

Ryukyu Association for Laboratory Animal Science (RALAS) was founded by members of University of the Ryukyus. Since then, the association has been holding a workshop once a year. In 2002 Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST) joined in RALAS, which  leads the Laboratory Animal Science/Laboratory Animal Medicine on this island. RALAS reached the 25th anniversary workshop milestone this year, and decided to have a symposium cosponsored with OIST. By inviting international and domestic speakers who are specialized in Animal welfare, we believe that we can provide the valuable information for all participants involved in Animal Laboratory Science/Medicine.

This symposium will be held at the auditorium on the main Campus of OIST.  The Okinawan climate in January is very moderate and nice; the average highest temperature is about 20°c and the lowest temperature is about 15°c. We believe all of participants of the symposium will experience a relaxed atmosphere to escape from the winter cold. The reception will be held at the Rizzan Sea Park Resort Tancha Bay which is located a 10 minutes’ drive from the OIST main campus. We expect all participants to attend and make use of this opportunities to network and exchange valuable information regardless of nationalities as long as time permits.

The OIST auditorium has a max capacity of approximately 500 occupants. Please register for the symposium in advance please feel free to contact the ISAW office for seat availability at the symposium. If you wish to show up for the symposium on the first day. Along with the humpback whales who are migrating to water of Kerama Island during the winter to the spring, we all look forward to seeing you all.