Diversity Management Training -How to manage staff members who are raising children-


Tuesday, January 19, 2021 - 13:30 to 15:00


C210 Seminar Room



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In this training course, you will learn how to motivate employees, who come from diverse backgrounds and work styles as well as how to support their career development.

In particular, we will discuss the need to understand the individual circumstances of employees who are balancing work and childcare, the ways to understand such employees and the types of necessary considerations and responses, including "excessive consideration" often given by managers.

We will also specifically address supervising men who are balancing work and childcare, as fathers increasingly share in more childcare responsibilities in recent years, and help you understand why male employees may need childcare leave as well.

You will also learn how to manage entire organizations, including communicating in ways that do not result in harassment complaints and tips on how to avoid frustrating employees with excessive restrictions. Group work after the lecture will provide an opportunity to deepen your knowledge and understanding.

We hope you will learn management skills that are increasingly indispensable in the workplace.



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