About the Dean

Dean Gordon W. Arbuthnott

Professor Gordon Arbuthnott is the leader of the Brain Mechanisms for Behaviour Unit whose main interest is the substrate on which the neurotransmitter dopamine acts in brain.  Dopamine was one of the first neurotransmitters to be detected, its absence is lethal to animals and the slow destruction of dopamine-producing cells causes Parkinson’s disease in people.

An experimentalist at heart, Gordon agreed to become the Dean of Faculty Affairs for a limited period. He saw the importance of enabling the creative and dedicated world experts in OIST to work together under the moral and ethical boundaries of science and in collaboration, much like a jazz ensemble.  While coping with the challenges of OIST’s fluid open structure, arranging for reviews of current staff, and of applicants for faculty positions, Gordon tries to reserve Fridays for his research unit. Gordon is available to discuss matters that affect academic staff thoughtfully and in confidence.