1. Submit application online

(1) After pre-consultation is finished, submit Application Form for Use of Research Facilities online.
(2) After submission, you will receive automatic confirmation email notifying your Application ID.
(3) If you are applying in group, members other than yourself are required to submit User Pledge (For Members)  online using your Application ID.

2. Notification of approval of use and Receive necessary training

Relevent OIST Research Support Section will contact you regarding the notifiation of approval of use and details about necessary training.

3. Use research facilities/equipment

Please follow instruction of OIST Research Support Section.

4. Receive invoice / Conduct payment

OIST will issue an invoice after you have completed the use.
The payment is due at the end of following month which the invoice is issued.

5. Acknowledgement

When the outcome of the research is made public through publishing papers or other method, please include following texts in the acknowledgement.

"This work was supported by External use program of Core facilities, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University."