Construction coordination meeting was held for the control of alien ants (May 2021)

Among the research projects on alien invasive ants we are working on at the environmental section, we are currently focusing on control of the browsing ant, Lepisiota frauenfeldi, which has already established along the national highway in Naha. In addition to researching effective methods and techniques to control this species, we need to collaborate and cooperate with various institutions outside the university. We have been working with the University of the Ryukyus, Naha City, insect control companies, the Ministry of the Environment, the Okinawa General Bureau (National Highway Office), Okinawa Prefecture Government and other organizations to create a cross-agency cooperative system. This meeting, under the coordination of the Okinawa Amami Nature Conservation Office of the Ministry of the Environment, involved on-site discussions with the Naha City and Okinawa Prefectural Government departments who have plans for construction work in the area where the browsing ant established, and focused on how to prevent the spread of the ants during construction. With the help of each organization's expertise and authority, we will continue to work hard to eradicate the browsing ant from Okinawa Prefecture.