The book "Alien Ants", in which Yoshi authored a chapter, was published (May 2020)

The book "Alien Ants” was published, with a chapter by Yoshi from OERSS. This readable book is packed with the latest information from experts about the ant species that are currently problematic or may be problematic in the future due to their spread caused by human activities. 

Topics of Alien Ants
Size : A5/A5
Page : 200ページ/200pages
Published : 2020年05月01日/May 1st 2020
Published number : ISBN978-4-254-17172-3 C3045
Price : 定価3,740円(本体3,400円+税)/3,740yen include tax
Publisher : 朝倉書店 [] /Asakura Publishing Co., Ltd.
Authours : 橋本佳明 [編] /Yoshiaki Hashimoto [Editer]