January 21, Wednesday - The Seaside House

9:55 Denis Konstantinov (OIST) Welcome remarks
10:00 Loren Pfeiffer (Princeton University) Probing local carrier density variations in high mobility systems
10:35 Michel Dyakonov (University of Montpellier) Poiseuille flow and negative magnetoresistance in high mobility 2DEG
11:10   Coffee break
11:40 Aron Pinczuk (Columbia University) Exploration of competing quantum phases in the second Landau level by optical spectroscopy
12:15 Ivan Dmitriev (Max Planck Institute) Role of different types of disorder in nonequilibrium transport in high Landau levels
12:50   Lunch
13:50 Michael Zudov (University of Minnesota) Disorder and nonequilibrium quantum transport
14:25 Denis Konstantinov (OIST) Nonequilibrium transport in an ultra-clean system of electrons on helium
15:00   Coffee break
15:30 Alexei Chepelianskii (University Paris-Sud) A novel incompressible state of a photo-excited electron gas
16:05 Qianhui Shi (University of Minnesota) Tilt field-induced transport anisotropies
16:40   Discussions/Free time
18:00   Working Dinner

January 22, Thursday - OIST, Central Bldg. B250


Klaus von Klitzing (Max

Planck Institute)

35 years of QHE: Some aspects of zero resistance states and disorder
10:30   Coffee break

James Eisenstein (California

Institute of Technology)

Disorder and the bilayer exciton condensate at nu=1
11:35 Robert Willett (Alcatel-Lucent) Non-Abelian excitations at nu=5/2 in the midst of dirt

Vladimir Umansky (Weizmann

Institute of Science)

2DEG mobility and FQHE - a puzzling behavior
12:45   Lunch
13:45   Excursion
19:30   Working Dinner

January 23, Friday - The Seaside House

10:00 Michael Manfra (Purdue University) Quantifying disorder relevant to the FQHE in the second Landau level
10:35 Gabor Csathy (Purdue University) The nu=5/2 fractional quantum Hall state in pristine and in alloy samples
11:10   Coffee break
11:40 Koji Muraki (NTT) Probing disorder and nonlinear screening in a quantum Hall systems using NMR

Wei Pan (Sandia National Labs)

New results in the 5/2 FQHE
12:50   Lunch
13:50 Mansour Shayegan (Princeton University) Latest news from Princeton flatland
14:25 Denis Maryenko (CEMS/RIKEN)  Spin physics of highly mobile electron in MgZnO/ZnO heterostructures
15:00   Coffee break
15:30   OIST Lab Tours/Dicussions/Free time
18:00   Social Hour
18:30   Symposium Dinner