“Hoshizuna: the floating star-sand” art installation


Saturday, March 25, 2023 (All day) to Sunday, April 30, 2023 (All day)


Tunnnel Gallery


“Hoshizuna: the floating star-sand” art installation

From Saturday, March 25, through Saturday, April 1, OIST will house giant balloons in the shape of Hoshizuna, or Okinawa star sand.

The installation, entitled “Hoshizuna: the floating star-sand” is a science-art-education project that will feature large balloons in the shape of this symbol of Okinawa. Balloons will be in and around the Tunnel Gallery.

The project is supported by Prof. Filip Husnik and Dr. Dewi Langlet from the Evolution, Cell Biology, and Symbiosis Unit. The artist is Hitaumi Harigaya.

“When the star sand enters the artistic dimension, they leave the sea, go beyond the limit of reality, floating freely in the air,” notes Harigaya in the project proposal.

Star sand are shells of Foraminifera, single-celled creatures that leave their star-shaped shells behind when they die. Okinawa has multiple beaches with sand made of these shells. Visitors and OISTers alike are encouraged to attend this unique exhibit.

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