Professional Development II

This course will comprise a series of seminars and workshops designed to prepare OIST graduates to function effectively and responsibly in their scientific career.  Beyond the initial focus of research, a responsible scientist should be able to communicate their research to the informed public, to make the most effective use of the public and private funds entrusted to them, and to understand the place of their science in its social and ethical context.  Communication, media, and presentation techniques will be developed beyond the level of Professional Development I, including the tools to present and manage one’s profile online and in person.  Ethical considerations of life as a scientist will be addressed by discussion, debate and case studies.  Invited experts from industry, science, patent and contract law, funding bodies, and so on will share their experience in generating and securing funding, typical intellectual property and industrial cooperation concerns, the business of running a research laboratory, and working in industry.  Students will work in small groups or individually to complete relevant exercises to develop the skills to manage people and money.  Students will be required to attend such seminars and workshops throughout their thesis research period. 

This course develops further the many competencies and values that underpin a successful career as a professional scientist.
Course Content: 

A recurring series of seminars and workshops that extends PD1 to more appropriate topics for research management and career development.

Course Type: 
Participation in and contribution to the structred activities and exercises.