Essential Japanese for Foreign Researchers

Research students from countries other than Japan may have limited ability in the Japanese language.  While the teaching and research language used at OIST is English, the availability of English outside the OIST campus is limited.  Essential Japanese for Foreign Researchers is an optional course for students from Non-Japanese-speaking countries. 

This course aims to ensure competence in Japanese language sufficient for working in a laboratory in Japan. It includes basic Japanese language equivalent to at least the Japanese Language Proficiency Test level N5. In addition, it will include a course on reading Japanese for laboratory safety, including important signs and labels found on scientific instruments in laboratories. Students will learn beginner to  intermediate level Japanese in an immersive learning environment, focusing on practical Japanese for foreigners in Japan.

This course provides professional immersion training in Japanese language and its usage to equip those students with low Japanese ability to live and work in the OIST environment.
Course Content: 

Intensive residential course, minimum 100 hours of formal class room teaching.

Course Type: 
Minimum of B grade in Japanese Language Proficiency Test level N5.