Course Coordinator: 
Ichiro Maruyama
Emerging Technologies in Life Sciences

This course is intended to provide an introduction to cutting-edge techniques that might be useful for research projects by graduate students at OIST. Such techniques include nucleotide sequencing, microarray, confocal laser scanning microscopy, microfluidics and neuroimaging. Each session will be composed of a lecture relevant to the technique. Where possible, hands-on training or research laboratory visits will also be provided, and technical presentations will be invited from leading experts. 

This course introduces cutting-edge technologies in life science.
Detailed Syllabus: 
  1. Course Introduction & Nucleotide sequencing I (Background, Basics, PCR & qPCR, etc)
  2. Nucleotide sequencing II (Next generation, Genome analysis, etc)
  3. Nucleotide sequencing III (RNA sequencing, ChIP, Applications, etc)
  4. Microarray I (Background, Basics, DNA chips, etc)
  5. Microarray II (Protein chips, Applications, Future development, etc)
  6. Confocal laser scanning microscopy I (Basics, Live cell imaging, probes, etc)
  7. Confocal laser scanning microscopy II (Multi-color imaging, Multi-photon, etc)
  8. Confocal laser scanning microscopy III (Spectral imaging, FRAP, FRET, etc)
  9. Confocal laser scanning microscopy IV (PALM, SHIM, STED, etc)
  10. Microfluidics I (Background, Basics, Microfabrication, etc)
  11. Microfluidics II (Applications, Devices, Future development, etc)
  12. Single molecule imaging I (FCS, FCCS, etc)
  13. Single molecule imaging II (TIRF、FLIM, etc)
  14. Neuroimaging I (Optical, PET/CT, etc)
  15. Neuroimaging II (MRI/fMRI, SPECT, etc)
Course Type: 
Midterm Reports (3 x 20%) 60%; Final Essay 40%
Text Book: 
An Introduction to Genetic Analysis, 8 edn, by Lewontin, Miler, Suzuki, Gelbart, Griffiths (2004) WH Freeman
Reference Book: 
Handbook of Biological Confocal Microscopy, 3 edn, Edited by JB Pawley (2006) Springer
Principles of Fluorescence Spectroscopy, 3 edn, by JR Lakowicz (2006) Springer