Emerging Technologies in Life Sciences

This course is designed to provide a broad, advanced-level coverage of modern technologies in life sciences for first year PhD students. Topics include recombinant DNA technologies, polymerase chain reactions, DNA sequencing, microfluidics, fluorescent proteins, optical microscopy, mass spectrometry among others. Lectures will draw from historical and current research literature with emphasis on development of technologies as life sciences make progresses. A major goal of this course is to help graduate students accustomed to inventing novel technologies, improving existing technologies, or formulating a novel idea in the field of life sciences.

This course introduces cutting-edge technologies in life science.
Course Content: 
  1. Course Introduction & Genetic engineering
  2. Classical nucleotide sequencing
  3. Next-generation nucleotide sequencing
  4. Fluorescent proteins
  5. Microfluidics
  6. Fluorescence light microscopy (confocal, TIRF, spinning disk, etc)
  7. Mass spectroscopy
  8. CRSPR/Cas9
  9. Super resolution microscopy
  10. PCR & Isothermal amplification
  11. etc
Course Type: 
Final grades will be determined by listed criteria described below. Scores will be converted to letter grades, where A: 100-90%, B: 89-80%, C: 79-60%, and F: below 60%