[Seminar] NIR Imaging Paradigms for Precise Manipulation of Cellular Functions and Dynamic Screening of Redox Inflammation by Prof. Bengang Xing (NTU)


Thursday, August 1, 2019 - 11:00 to 12:00


B503, Level B, Lab 1



In general, optical imaging including fluorescent and bioluminescent imaging enables rapid, direct and spatiotemporal visualization of biological events in real time, mainly owing to their high sensitivity, relative safety, and easily handling, and therefore have become robust and reliable tools in monitoring of subcellular protein dynamics and analysis of tumors or pathogen–host interactions in vitro, in vivo and even in pre-clinical practice. The systematic imaging investigation of biomolecules activities including enzymes or proteins etc in a complicated environment may offer great possibility for the in-depth understanding of the biological basis conferring diseases status, and importantly, for the facilitating of new theranostics in vitro and in vivo. In our group, a series of simple and specific small molecules or nano-structure based optical imaging probes have been extensively established to real-time visualize cellular function and activities, importantly, the intrinsic mechanisms to involve in potent drug activities and relevant pathways to initiate physiological and pathological procession have also been well investigated.

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