• Dr. Greg J Stephens, Professor
  • Momoko Zamami,  Research Administrator
  • Dr. Vudtiwat (Wave) Ngampruetikorn, Postdoctoral Scholar since Feb 2015
  • Ray Xin Lee, Ph.D. Student, joint with  Optical Neuroimaging Unit
  • Tosif Ahamed, Ph.D. Student
  • Evropi Toulkeridou
  • Coconut man (Mentor and Spiritual Advisor)


Prof. Greg Stephens



Dr. Vudtiwat Ngampruetikorn

I joined OIST in February 2015. Before that I received my PhD in theoretical physics from the University of Cambridge. My work has focused on ultracold quantum gases, including Fermi gases with repulsive interaction, pseudogap phenomena in Fermi gases, spin-imbalanced Fermi gases and few-body physics and its manifestation in cold-atom experiments. At OIST, I have been thinking about various topics in biophysics from flocking behaviours to drug resistance.


Ray Xin Lee

After completing my B.S. in Life Science and M.S. in Zoology with Prof. Chen-Tung Yen in National Taiwan University, I started my Ph.D. at OIST, joining Prof. Greg Stephens' Biological Physics Theory Unit and Prof. Bernd Kuhn's Optical Neuroimaging Unit. Through the statistical physics perspective with experimental study in mice, I'm investigating neuronal population dynamics of the cerebral cortex underlying spontaneous volitional behaviors.  Outside of research, I have a wide range of passion for philosophy, art, science, and enjoy traveling!!!



Tosif Ahamed

"I am a Ph.D. student at OIST with a background in computational neuroscience and machine learning. I am interested in quantifying the behaviour and dynamics of the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans, which can be used further to shed light on how the C. elegans nervous system generates control signals that result in robust behaviour even in noisy sensory environments. I use a combination of theory and experiment to study this problem."


Momoko Zamami

I am a Research Administrator for the Biological Physics Theory Unit.  It is a privilege to work with many talented scientists and students at the OIST Graduate University.