On Campus Housing Application Form

Important Note

  • This site is only for Faculty and Executive on-campus housing applications.
  • If you are otherwise assigned to OIST, please ask the Relocation Section for instructions. If you are already living in an on-campus or off-campus room and wish to relocate to the University, please wait for instructions as the recruitment process will change in the future.
  • Currently there is no vanancy of all types of the rooms on campus. As soon as a room becomes available, rooms will be offered in the order in which applications are received. Thank you for your understanding.
  • We are currently preparing a different mechanism for staff, except for Faculty and Executives, to apply for occupancy. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


  • このサイトは、ファカルティ及びエグゼクティブがオンキャンパスの部屋の申し込みを行うサイトです。
  • 現在、オンキャンパスのお部屋はすべてのタイプで満室です。空き部屋が確保でき次第、お申し込みいただいた順に、部屋をご案内します。ご協力ご理解の程宜しくお願い申し上げます
  • ファカルティ及びエグゼクティブを除く職員の入居申請については、現在別の仕組みを準備しています。皆様のご理解とご協力をお願いいたします。
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Please put Shift and click to select more than one. F = Furnished, UNF = Unfurnished, +S = +Study Room, +B = +Balcony
If you do not have an employee number yet, please enter "TBD".
eg. Wife, 5 years old son and 4 years old daughter
OIST has bylaws for keeping pet. Please note that there is a limit to the number of animals that can be kept. https://groups.oist.jp/sites/default/files/imce/u349/PetBylaws_%E3%83%9A%E3%83%83%E3%83%88%E9%A3%BC%E8%82%B2%E7%B4%B0%E5%89%87_2022%E5%B9%B44%E6%9C%881%E6%97%A5%E6%96%BD%E8%A1%8C_0.pdf