Accommodation Rules

Before Checking-in

Rules of Facilities and Equipment

  1. Keeping the accommodation safe and comfortable

Those who stay in OIST Short-Stay Accommodations are required to abide by OIST’s rules and observe generally accepted good manners to keep the accommodations safe and comfortable. Guests will be held liable for all damages to the premises, equipment, and furnishings made by negligence on his/her part.

If staying with pets, please note that an extra cleaning fee will be charged.

  1. Prohibited activities

The following activities are prohibited by OIST guest regulations:

  • Any alternation to the premises, equipment, furnishings, etc.
  • To use the premises, equipment, furnishings, etc. for any other purpose other than originally intended.
  • Taking any of the provided equipment, furnishings, etc. outside of the premises for any reason.
  • Careless use of fire, or any other act which may cause damage to the premises or other facilities on campus.
  • Illegal activities, dangerous activities, disturbing other guests, residents, and/or neighbors.
  • Smoking in any place other than the designated smoking areas located outside.
  1. Entering the room

Authorized OIST personnel are allowed to enter the room without permission in order to conduct inspections or repairs of the premises.  However, OIST will attempt to gain permission from the guest prior to entering the room if time is not a factor.

  1. Compensation due to eviction

In the event that OIST is required to evict the guest from the provided accommodations, OIST is not responsible for any costs or expenses that result from the eviction, and any compensation request(s) will be denied.

  1. Beach Seaside House

Swimming is not permitted at the beach.  OIST accepts no responsibility or liability for any accidents that may occur at the beach. 

  1. In case of emergency

Guests are asked to immediately inform the Bosai Center or the nearest guard of the following cases:

  • Any danger or damage to the premises, equipment, and furnishings due to fire, typhoon, flood, earthquake, etc.
  • Any sick or wounded person(s)

Linen Damage Cost


List of Room Amenities

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