"Population Dynamics of Balanced Growth in Bacteria" by Dr. Farshid Jafarpour


Wednesday, March 22, 2023 - 15:00


C015 or online


Title: Population Dynamics of Balanced Growth in Bacteria

Genetically identical bacterial cells, even in identical environments, exhibit significant variability in their phenotypic behavior such as their growth rates, division sizes, and generation times. With recent advances in single-cell technologies, we now can measure not only the distributions of these quantities but also the correlations between these variables both within and across generations. These statistical descriptions have paved the way for more accurate models of cellular growth and division. In this talk, I will discuss how the details of these new phenomenological models, such as fluctuations in single-cell growth rates and the mechanism of cell-size control, affect various population-level quantities.

Speaker: Farshid Jafarpour

Dr. Farshid Jafarpour is an assistant professor at Universiteit Utrecht (the Netherlands) in Theoretical Biological Physics. He applies techniques from stochastic processes, nonlinear dynamics, and nonequilibrium statistical physics to biological systems across a wide range of physical and temporal scales. (https://www.uu.nl/staff/FJafarpour)


The seminar is online and will be hosted in lab 1 C015 by the BIological Complexity Unit (https://groups.oist.jp/bcu). You can also join remotely via zoom.

Zoom Link: https://oist.zoom.us/j/92364388961?pwd=V2JBU2JPNER1dlY1d3NRL2t4QS9jZz09
Meeting ID: 923 6438 8961
Passcode: 441737


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