Document Circulation Requirement

As a standard procedure, please send all the documents that need to be circulated to the Auditors via confidential inter-office mail to Mr. Okamoto, the auditor, at Seaside House (SH). Depending on the content of the document and the level of the confidentiality, we will be happy to arrange a direct handover of the documents, too, so please feel free to let us know of such instances.

Once we receive the documents, the auditor will verify, stamp and return the documents to you or your office as soon as possible, within a week or so unless otherwise notified. If it is time sensitive, please let us know in advance so we can try to accommodate your need.

PRP 9.4.4 Documents to be Audited and Sent to the Auditors

Documents stipulated in Bylaws Article 31 must be sent up to the Auditors for the purpose of audit. The following documents must also be sent up to the Auditors after they have been approved by the determining authority (Kessai) for they are crucial in assessing the condition of the School Corporation’s administrative operation.

  • Documents concerning enactment, revision and abolition of the Bylaws, regulations, stipulations, and other policies of the School Corporation
  • Documents requesting for an approval or authorization or other important documents prepared for the Prime Minister and the Minister of Education, Culture, Sport, Science and Technology
  • Documents concerning the determination of the basic policies for the School Corporation’s business and administrative operation
  • Important documents concerning contracts
  • Important documents concerning lawsuits and petitions
  • Important documents for submission to the Board of Audit
  • Important documents concerning an approval or authorization from the Prime Minister or the Minister of Education, Culture, Sport, Science and Technology
  • Important documents issued from Government offices other than the Cabinet Office or Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport, Science and Technology
  • Other important documents, both issued and received, concerning School Corporation’s operation