Comprehensive Assessment

COVID-19 related changes: The Children's Research Center is currently operating with modified procedures to observe social distancing guidelines. We continue to respond to inquires.  

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If your family has a child age 6-12 with symptoms of ADHD

Contact us for a screening interview on the phone.  

If our assessment is appropriate for your child, parents are asked to complete questionnaires and participate in an interview. 

​With parent's permission, we also ask teachers to complete questionnaires about the child’s social interactions, behavior, and academic performance.



Your child will participate in 2~3 sessions 

Each session usually lasts 2~3 hours. 

An interview and detailed assessments (IQ, academic achievement, memory, language, problem-solving, social skills) are administered.

Children are also asked to complete computer games, which are experimental tasks to assess their responses to reinforcements such as winning and losing points.



A summary report and explanation of assessment results will be provided during a feedback session.

We may ask if you and/or your child would be willing to complete additional experimental tasks at the time or in future. 

  • Assessments are conducted under the supervision of licensed psychologists. 
  • Personal information is treated as confidential. 
  • Information from the assessments may be useful for understanding child’s strengths and difficulties, and for diagnostic and treatment purposes by professionals in the community. 
  • The child's primary language needs to be English in order to participate in assessments; however, bilingual support is provided if a parent or teacher is Japanese-speaking.
  • Please see the Japanese page of our website or contact us for opportunities available for Japanese-speaking families.  


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