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Children's Research Center

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To complete the comprehensive assessment, the child needs to be fluent in English and to have completed a significant proportion of their education in English.  

Contact us for research opportunities available for Japanese-speaking families, or information on other healthcare providers offering services in Japanese. 

COVID-19 related changes: We are currently operating with modified procedures to observe social distancing guidelines. We continue to respond to inquiries.

Email: ​


  • 098-966-8814 for general inquiries (in English and Japanese)
  • 098-966-1585 to inquire about our ADHD comprehensive assessments (in English)
  • 098-966-1597 to inquire about participating in our research as a comparison group volunteer (in English)
  • 098-966-8806 to receive information about healthcare providers in the community offering assessment and other services for Japanese-speaking children (in Japanese and English)