Interdisciplinary Science Conference in Okinawa (ISCO 2023): Physics and Mathematics meet Medical Science


Monday, February 27, 2023 - 09:00 to Friday, March 3, 2023 - 12:30


OIST Auditorium


The scientific method of studying the natural world has persisted over the centuries. The key to its longevity and progression lies in sharing and building upon accumulated knowledge. Physics, which explores the origin of the universe and matter; biology, which studies living organisms, and their functions and evolution; and medicine, which explores health based on the structure and function of living organisms: all have made enormous advancements that impact all aspects of our lives.

As the scientific study progresses, however, additional challenges have arisen which are increasingly difficult to solve. Many of the challenges that humanity faces are in achieving sustainable development. These include environmental changes due to climate change, food crises caused by the gap between population growth and food production, and pandemics caused by the spreading of resistant bacteria and viruses. To rise to these new challenges, it is important to reassess the issues from a broader perspective: to combine the knowledge and methods of different scientific fields and to look for new approaches that can bridge the boundaries and work across multiple fields

The purpose of ISCO 2023 is to bring together leading researchers in their respective fields, explore methods for solving issues through the fusion of different fields, and form a new network of researchers. The workshop will bring together speakers from Japan and abroad in the fields of space science, particle and nuclear physics, quantum computing, life sciences, and medicine to discuss the challenges they face and the latest advancements in their respective fields.

We call for presentations from fields related to those subjects mentioned above and on the sustainable development of humankind. In addition, we plan to hold a poster session to facilitate a wide range of discussions. We hope that the knowledge gained at this workshop will lead to the creation of new research fields that will not only advance basic science but will also help solve the various new challenges that humanity faces.


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