Zoology Curation Club


Welcome to the Zoology Curation Club!

The aim of this club is to promote the study and recording of moths, butterflies, beetles, spiders, and other insects and invertebrates found around Okinawa.
The Zoology Curation Club intends to:
 survey various habitat types around Okinawa (forest, beach, mangroves etc.) 
 collect and accurately ID deceased animal species found in each unique habitat
 preserve the animal specimens for long term storage
 set up a natural history museum collection exhibiting the wildlife around Okinawa
The club provides a good opportunity to learn more about the unique wildlife on this tropical island, as well as making connections with professionals conducting animal-based research at OIST. 
Want to get involved?
The Zoology Curation Club membership form can be accessed here
We ask for an initial joining fee of ¥1000, which is used to buy gloves, nets, cages etc. that will be used during the outdoor expeditions. 
You can also join our Facebook group for more up to date info about upcoming expeditions and meetups!