Saori Chappell

Saori Chappell, Research Unit Assistant

My role is to support the unit members to achieve their objectives from the administrative side and to ensure smooth running of the unit. I enjoy getting to know everyone's projects and the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. Originally from Okinawa, I spent 10 years living in London, UK. With a background in post-production, I have a wide-ranging administrative experience as subtitle coordinator. Outside of work, I enjoy art, travel and spending time with my family and friends.

Luke Collyer-Hoar

Luke Collyer-Hoar, PhD Student

As part of my Mathematics Masters at Imperial College London, my thesis focused on finding soliton solutions to the Dirac equation in the presence of abelian BPS monopoles using the Nahm transform. I also undertook a project in which I attempted to find solitary waves in an inviscid fluid between two horizontal plates with an electric field passed between. At OIST, as part of the Shocks, Solitons and Turbulence unit, my thesis is focused on continuous mathematical models of mass transportation in biological networks, including trees, root systems and slime mold. In my spare time I enjoy reading, playing and watching football, and in general keeping active.

Andre Krichikov

Andre Krichikov, Data Scientist

My role is to support the Unit's Research in Data Science by creating software solutions for validating scientific models and delivering data-driven insights. I am currently focused on implementing a mobile app powered by an enterprise services platform to gather high volumes of data for optimizing traffic flow for self-driving cars. Additionally, I will facilitate integrated software eco-systems to augment HPC data analysis in various domains. Before joining OIST, I was building software and leading teams for 21+ years to support multiple industries in California. I enjoy fishing, martial arts and being a dad.

Roman Mukhin

Roman Mukhin, Hardware Research Engineer

My role is to support the Unit's Research in matters relating to mechanical and electronic design. I am currently focused on developing tree sensors for forest dynamics research. My background is the design of robotics systems. I completed my bachelor's and master's in robotic engineering and have worked with space and nuclear robotic systems. Outside of work, I have fun with 3D printing, DIY projects and enjoy walking around Okinawa.

Adel Rodriguez

Adel Rodriguez, Post-doctoral Researcher
Energy transfers in shallow-water equations

I completed my bachelor's and master's in mechanical engineering at the National University of Colombia. Later, I received my Ph.D. in applied mathematics from KAUST in Saudi Arabia on the study of immiscible incompressible fluids using structure-preserving discretizations. I became a postdoctoral fellow at OIST in the MMMU in 2018 where my research was focused on modeling multi-phase systems with phase-field equations. As part of the Shocks, Solitons, and Turbulence unit I will be studying energy transfers associated with tidal flows.

Stephen Winn

Stephen Winn, Post-doctoral Researcher
Ocean-atmosphere and land-atmosphere energy exchanges

As a member of the S2T unit, I am studying ocean-atmosphere and land-atmosphere energy exchanges using theoretical models and high-performance numerical simulations supported by data analysis of in-situ observations. My background is in engineering having obtained an M.Eng with a specialisation in fluid mechanics from ENSEEIHT. I later completed an MSc. in Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College London (ICL) where I then joined Emile Touber's research group as a PhD student. I received my PhD from ICL for work focusing on energy exchanges in compressible flows near a phase change involving numerical simulations performed using the computational framework dNami.

Past members

  • 2020-2023: Yussuf Ali, Research Technician. Software development
  • 2021-2021: Christian Amor Rodriguez, Rotation Student. Linear stability of convective loops
  • 2021-2021: Patrick Clark, Rotation Student. Pressure waves in the arterial tree
  • 2021-2021: Jann Zwahlen, Rotation Student. Surface slicks
  • 2020-2021: David Lusher, Post-doctoral Researcher. Turbulence far from thermodynamic equilibrium
  • 2020-2021: Alicia Murga, Post-doctoral Researcher. Shocks in traffic flows
  • 2020-2020: Himani Garg, Post-doctoral Researcher. Shocks in plasmas
  • 2020-2020: Hoshu Hiyane, Rotation Student. Shocks in Bose-Einstein condensates