Watch OIST 10th Anniversary Showcase Dinner Video!

OIST held its 10th anniversary Showcase Dinner in Tokyo on May 26, 2022. Watch the inspirational and insightful speeches and panel discussions by our world-class scientists, business and academiic leaders and experts! Subtitles are available in English and Japanese.

Speakers and panelists are as follows:

OIST Showcase Talks - AI & Robotics:  Prof. Kenji Doya & Prof. Hiroaki Kitano

“OIST Excellence for Business” Panel:  Mr. James Higa, Mr. Jesper Koll, Mr. Kenji Govaers, Ms. Jenifer Rogers, & Mr. Gil Granot-Mayer

“Okinawa Innovation District” Panel:  Dr. Peter Gruss, Mr. Akinori Kanayama & Mr. Jesper Koll

"How Phiranthropy Drives Excellence in Research and Education" Panel:  Dr. Cherry Murray, Dr. Hiroyuki Fujita, Mr. James Kondo, & Mr. David Janes

Enjoy the video!