OIST x ASJ "Future of Energy and Climate" #2


Tuesday, June 21, 2022 - 17:00


Online and In-person (International House of Japan, Roppongi, Tokyo)


REGISTRATION LINK ⇒ #2 OISTxASJ Future of Energy & Climate Seminar Series


Event webpage ⇒ https://groups.oist.jp/future-energy-climate/seminar2


OIST and ASJ are proud to present our second Future of Energy and Climate Seminar Series, featuring two renowned energy and climate experts, Sir David King and Professor Jun Arima. Sir David King, formerly UK Government’s Chief Scientific Adviser and Foreign Secretary’s Special Representative on Climate Change, will give the keynote speech, “Climate Change: The Need for Action Now”. Prof. Jun Arima, formerly in charge of energy and environment negotiations for Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI) will present a panel session opening talk. We will have a networking session for onsite participants after the Q&A. 


We look forward to your participation! 


Climate Change: The Need for Action Now, Sir David King 

Faced with accelerating global impacts of climate change, Sir David King will discuss how human civilisation and our planet can still win back the chance of surviving and thriving. Climate Repair offers a scalable, safe recipe for future climate stability. The strategy applies three immediate climate repair measures.  1.  Reduction in emissions, to achieve very rapid progress to close to zero greenhouse gas emissions.  2. Removal of excess greenhouse gases from the atmosphere at scale.  3.  In order to buy time to achieve the first two objectives, Repairing the Arctic Circle region by refreezing the Arctic Sea surface during the polar summer. But time is not on our side:  Action is needed NOW. 

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