『MUSA weavers' hands Science and the Wisdom of Our Forefathers』

『Musaを織る手  先人の知恵と科学』
"Musa Weavers' hands
Science and the Wisdom of Our Forefathers

In 2018, Bashofu exhibition was held in OIST. In corporation of so many supporters, OIST Okinawa Traditional Textile Club, which is the predecessor club of Okinawa Musa Itobasho Projects succeded to collect over 120% fund via crowdfunding to make and distribute free brouchuer in the exhibition.  

We changed the design and size of the brouchure and made a small booklet using the remaining of the fund. There are not many booklets but we decided to sell them for more people to learn about traditional bashofu and its research at OIST.

About the booklet



All the sales will be used to keep running the club project.
Our club fundraises to keep this booklet available.