Invited Speakers

Silvia Bergamini: Open University (UK)

Title: Rydberg interactions for quantum-enhanced protocols with mixed states

Etienne Brion: Universite Paris-Sud (France)

Title: Quantum optical non-linearities induced by Rydberg-Rydberg interactions: a perturbative approach

Antoine Browaeys: Institut d'Optique (France)

Title: Implementation of the quantum Ising model in large arrays of individual Rydberg atoms

Rosario Gonzalez-Ferez: Universidad de Granada (Spain)

Title: Ultralong-range polyatomic Rydberg molecules

Tom Killian: Rice University (USA)

Title: Ultralong-range Molecules in Strontium Rydberg Gases

Robert Löw: University of Stuttgart (Germany)

Title: A Rydberg atom inside a Bose-Einstein Condensate

Ken'ichi Nakagawa: University of Electrocommunications (Japan)

Title: Towards quantum simulations of many-body systems with cold Rydberg atoms

Kenji Ohmori: Institute for Molecular Science (Japan)

Title: Direct observation and control of ultrafast many-body electron dynamics in a strongly-correlated ultracold Rydberg gas

Tridib Ray: OIST Graduate University (Japan)

Title: Rydberg atoms near the surface of optical nanofibers

Marianna Safronova: University of Delaware (USA)

Title: Rydberg atoms for quantum information and precision measurements

Robert Spreeuw: Universiteit van Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

Title: Magnetic microtrap arrays, Rydberg atoms, and quantum simulation

Patrick Windpassinger: Universitaet Mainz (Germany)

Title: Towards Rydberg quantum optics in a hollow core fiber