Year End: Submission of Progress Report FY2021


As the end of this fiscal year is approaching, we ask for your cooperation to submit Progress Report to the Committee/Provost by the end of March complying with Chapter 12-6 of the OIST Rules for Human Subjects Research.  We usually conduct annual audit (site visit) in March, but the schedule for the annual audit is yet to be decided due to the spread of COVID-19.

In addition, research personnel engaged in the ongoing human subject research are expected to submit an annual COI management self-disclosure statement to the OIST COI Committee.

Please refer to the following for details:

  1. Progress Report
    Lead Investigators, please submit a Progres Report for each study by February 15 via e-Application System.
    If you plan to submit an application for modification to the Committee Meeting in March (application due
    is February 14), please contact the Secretariat for rearranging the due date. Please submit a completion/
    termination report if a study ended or is terminated. Click here for how to create Progress Report
  2. Check the Research Period
    If your study period ends on March 31, 2022 or before*, and you wish to extend the research period, please 
    submit an application for modification by the end of February.(*Those dates are shown in bold in the List
     of HSR Research Subject to Progress Report FY2021)
  3. COI Self Disclosure Statement
    All research personnel are expected to submit COI Management Disclosure Statement for each study involved in 
    by the end of February. For the details, please refer to COI Management Webpage.
  4. Training for Human Subjects Research Personnel
    Lead Investigators, please confirm the training effective periods of all research persononel of your study.
    If the effective date is approaching, please have them refresh the training. This fiscal year's annual
    training is scheduled in March.
  5. Audit(Site Visit)
    Usually scheduled in March, however, the schedule for the Audit is yet to be decided due to the spread of COVID-19.
    Please wait for an announcement.


Here's the list of HSR research: List of HSR Research Subject to Progress Report FY2021

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